Meet the Team

Pull up a chair and meet our crew.

Doug Ralston, Owner

Expert online shopper
Tennis player
Office "Water Boy"
Nebraska football recruiting enthusiast

Ben Ralston “Bossman,” General Partner

“Go Huskers!”
Big fan of orange Tabby cats
Katy Trail Ice House (Junior-General Partner)
Not a good surfer, but not a bad one.

Toni Mellon, Office Manager

The biggest Pittsburgh Steelers fan ever
Expert cookie baker
“I love Oak Cliff!”
Proud trailer park owner (yes, that’s right!)

Chay Lytle, Production Manager

The second biggest Pittsburgh Steelers fan ever
“I duck hunt, do you?”
Believes that baseball rules the world

Elizabeth Ralston, Marketing Director

Proud soccer mom / dance mom
Social media pro
“Go Big Red!” & “Fight On!”

Patrick Reilly, Sales Director

Die-hard Longhorn fan
“Blood & Honey is my go-to craft beer.”
“Arlington, that’s the home of the Dallas Cowboys.”

Manny Ramirez, IT Director

Believes Costa Rica is where it’s at
“Viva Los Ticos!”
“I am Computron.”

Kim Holley, Commercial Accounts

Plano East Rules
“Do not take my Topo-Chico!”
“Why do you need a check?”

Terry Cook, Field Operations

Motorcross enthusiast
“Miller Lite in a bottle, no tap beer.”
Deer hunter
Smokes a mean brisket

Marcel Dunbar, Field Operations

Loves to hunt and fish
“Miller Lite in a bottle, no tap beer.” (again)
A fairly decent bowler
“Ben, this sign needs some work!”

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