Creative Billboard Tips

  • 1. The copy layout should have impact and be eye-catching.
  • 2. The text should be brief, eight words or less and typically contain one central message or theme.
  • 3. Keep the typestyle simple and legible.
  • 4. Don’t use fancy font styles.
  • 5. Don’t make the image too complex.
  • 6. Don’t cram too much on the billboard.
  • 7. The colors on the copy layout should be bold and highly contrasting.

  •             Resources:



Production Guidelines

  • Once you’ve nailed your ad, it is time to get it ready for production. Here are the guidelines that you need
    to follow to submit your ad to us.

  •             Adobe Photoshop:
    •                    •. TIFF, EPS, PSD
    •                    •. 300 DPI Minimum CMYK
    •                    •. Only include live art area, no bleed. 1 inch = 1 foot scale
    •             Adobe Illustrator:
      •                    •. AI, EPS, Full Res PDF
      •                    •. 300 DPI Minimum CMYK convert type to outlines (1in = 1ft)

      • Art can be delivered via email, disk, flash drive or Drop Box if file is too big. An accurate color proof should always be included in order for us to match the colors. PMS colors should be marked and all fonts included.

        Any questions? Need ideas? Our resident art guru and graphic designer, Chay Lytle, can assist you with your campaign. Contact him at



Banner & Logo Production

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